Existentialism versus Marxism


Is it reasonable and true that some evil people are responsible for the pain in the world?

The Illuminati, the Elite, the Rich, the 1%.


One could say it’s a easy cop-out. To not bear your own burden, to not be responsible for yourself and the world.

Also: how could it be possible that 1% could control 99%? Unless the 99% were complicit?

Unless the 99% actually chose to abdicate responsibility and be ruled?

Wouldn’t it be easy for the 99% to overthrow the 1%?

Or to just choose not to coöperate, serve, deal with the 1%?

If 99% would choose to ignore the 1%, not take any job or service asked by the 99%, the 1% wouldn’t have any power.

Say you have a situation with a hundred people.

One has all the money.

Well, the 99 could just coöperate with each other, ignore the person who has this paper he calls “money” and together create the life they want.

Whenever people start to blame any part of their fate on another, to refuse responsibility, I become wary, alert.

What’s the motivation? Are they really trying to improve their situation?

Interestingly, the Devil is also called “The Accuser”. Which might point to this exact dynamic. What does to accuse mean? Maybe to see or speak of someone as wrong. And responsible for the suffering of others. When responsibility is usually not so clear. When one person does ill, are not the people surrounding that person just as responsible for letting him do that? Well, the common response would be “We didn’t know”. Well.. Could you have known? If if was really important to you? If you had exerted yourself to the best of your ability? Usually, I imagine, the answer would be “Yes”.

Though, if to slander or accuse is evil, what is just? Maybe to see someone as imperfect, as a work in progress and support him as your younger brother?

Slanderer, Accuser, Deceiver.

It reminds me of The Victim.

An archetype I’ve been pondering and longing to fully comprehend.

It is clear to me, that if the 99% got their act together, acted as fully just, responsible human beings, none of the bullshit now attributed to the 1% would be possible.

In me, the same dynamic works: I have been trying to define Evil and looking who is responsible.

Was all of this a cop-out, just a way of not needing to focus on creating the best life imaginable?

Cause it seems easier to sit there and read or listen about what’s wrong?

Certainly, much in this world seems unjust and wicked.

Am I contributing to the best of my power?

No, definitely not.

Is there anything else I can be responsible for (other than my own best contribution)?


So, looking at the evils of the world is interesting, but I have power over myself only.

So unless I intend to do something about it, unless it’s in line with my most powerful contribution, let’s not focus on outside evils so much.

I used to argue: but if I don’t know what’s going on in the world, how am I supposed to act effectively and morally?

Well.. is that really a question?

It is, but it’s also again the “innocent victim” mentality.

I actually know very well many moral and effective actions that I still haven’t undertaken.

(Today’s refections, inspired by listening to Jordan Peterson)


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